Sharing the Harvest | Spring 2017 Newsletter

Sharing the Harvest | Spring 2017 Newsletter

Sharing the Harvest | Spring 2017 Newsletter


Thanks to you, moms and their  kids are getting the food they need.

Christy, a single mother of four, knows that going hungry can negatively affect a child’s mood, behavior, and even their education. She sees it all the time in her own kids.

“Hungry kids don’t learn as well,” she says. “It’s hard to think if you’re hungry. Having a good meal makes a big difference.”

Fortunately, during the school year, children from struggling families qualify for two free meals a day at school. But when it comes to supper, there’s no guarantee that third meal at home. That’s
why your help is so important. And during the summer, without the free meals at school, it’s
even harder to keep the kids well fed . . . even for a full-time worker like Christy, who provides in home care for elderly patients.

She doesn’t mind the hard work: “My dad died when I was 5, and my mom raised six of us after that,” Christy says. “My mom always worked, no matter what.”

But Christy’s job just doesn’t pay enough to make ends meet. Three weeks into any given month, after paying rent, utilities and other bills, resources start running thin. And a mere $23 per month in food stamps, she realizes, isn’t much help. “It’s hard to stretch it out and make it last,” Christy says. “That’s where the food bank has been a big help.”

And that’s where your support of Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee really makes a difference.

The food bank’s Lunch Express makes its way to Christy’s rural neighborhood every weekday during the summer, bringing sack lunches for the children. On Fridays, they bring extra food to help get through the weekend. Christy says a number of kids in her apartment complex eagerly anticipate the truck’s daily visit. “It’s almost like a festive event,” she says. “All the kids come together and eat on the picnic tables. It’s really nice.”

Thank you for feeding hungry families throughout Northeast Tennessee!

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