Sinclair Cares Diaper Drive



Diaper Drive - Sinclair Cares. Donate to Second Harvest Food Bank and Feeding Southwest VA

Diaper need is a significant challenge faced by almost half of all American families. Sinclair Broadcast Group, in collaboration with Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee and Feeding Southwest VA, is addressing this issue through the Summer Diaper Drive. Many families with “diaper need” lack an adequate supply of diapers to keep their babies healthy, dry, and clean.
Government assistance programs such as SNAP and WIC do not provide funding for diapers, leaving parents struggling to afford these costly necessities. Infants can require up to 12 diapers per day, amounting to an additional monthly expense of $80-$100 per child.
The impact of “diaper need” extends beyond the financial burden. It affects families physically, mentally, and economically. Without a sufficient supply of diapers, babies may experience discomfort and potential health risks. Parents often face emotional stress, worrying about their inability to provide for their children’s basic needs. The financial strain adds an extra layer of pressure on already tight budgets.
The Summer Diaper Drive aims to alleviate the hardships faced by families experiencing “diaper need.” By donating diapers or providing monetary support, community members can make a direct and meaningful impact. This collective effort will bring relief, hope, and improved well-being to families struggling with diaper insecurity.
Let us come together as a community and support the Summer Diaper Drive, ensuring that no family in our region faces the challenge of “diaper need” alone. Together, we can provide essential care and support to our little ones and their families.

July 10 – August 6 – 2023

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