He Lived to Serve Others

He Lived to Serve Others

He Lived to Serve Others

It’s not always easy to deliver food to remote rural areas, especially in the mountains of Hancock and Hawkins counties. But for boB, a retired Marine in his 80s, nothing could stop him from doing just that.

boB — yes, that’s how he spelled his name — had been a recipient of Second Harvest meals himself. But when he heard they were looking for drivers to deliver food throughout his area, he signed up . . . and faithfully made those deliveries for eight years.

Even when cancer struck, boB kept making his rounds, navigating steep and winding roads to put food on friends’ tables. Even when in pain, his desire to serve gave him strength to press on. He rarely missed a delivery; he didn’t want to let anyone down.

boB’s battle with cancer ended recently, and he’s sorely missed. For some of his rural neighbors, sometimes their only contact with another person came when boB pulled up to their home. They’ll miss his conversations and kindness. So do we. But thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers, we can carry on boB’s work to be sure to get food to those who need it most.

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